About Us

Mother of Pearl is found within the shells of the world’s oceans.   Its healing properties are particularly beneficial to children with out-of-balance emotions as its rainbow of colours help align the chakras, helping them to feel calmed and soothed, be protected from negative energies, purify their environments and feel nurtured by motherly love.

This is the underlying principle of Mother of Pearl’s natural healing services for children.

With a passion to nurture and enhance the health and quality of life for children, Helen Lauritzen works with children of all ages (from toddlers to teenagers) by replacing their emotional and behavioural imbalances with amazing calmness, happiness, confidence and focus, hence improving their self healing and overall well being.

Helen’s qualifications include:

  • Certified Reiki Master Practitioner
  • Certified Colour Therapist for Children
  • Diploma of Interior Design
  • Science Degree in Psychology

    Member of Reiki Australia


Helen has drawn from a diverse background to formulate and perfect natural healing services that cater for children’s well-being.

Through the amazing technique of Reiki and Crystal Healing, and moving further into the powerful healing energies of Colour, these techniques have proven to evoke a positive physiological reaction that allows your child to increase their vibrational levels so that they are attracting more good into their lives. They are able to feel beautiful and relaxed within their own skin which is extremely important to their all-embracing and dynamic development.

When children become more relaxed, their state of calmness makes them more receptive to who they are.

When they understand and appreciate who they are, they become more confident.

With confidence they achieve a heightened sense of Self and positive self esteem . . . the essence of independence and success.